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BMW Releases Pricing Details for Diesel Versions of the 3-Series and X5

December 2nd, 2008 Posted in 3 series, Diesel, X5

Automaker BMW released the pricing details for its forthcoming diesel versions of the 3-series and X5. These models will be displayed at the L.A. auto show next week prior to their launch in the United States.

The sedan costs $44,725, inclusive of destination charges, and rates at 36 mpg in highway driving and 23 mpg in city driving. It travels at 560 miles on one tank of fuel. While the X5 xDrive35d rates at 26 mpg in highway driving and 19 mpg in city driving and costs $52,025, including destination charges. It travels at 585 miles.

Called the BluePerformance, this new BMW diesel technology uses urea injection to cut back on CO2 emissions. Both models have twin-turbo, 3.0-liter I6 powerplant with 265 hp. It delivers plenty of torque, with an engine rated at 425 lb-ft, almost in par with BMW’s vaunted V12.

BMW joined automakers Volkswagen, Audi and Mercedes-Benz as they bet on diesel technology to help solve the problem with fuel economy. BMW states that 67 percent of its products sold in Europe have diesel powerplants.

Diesel counterparts have long been accepted and favored in Europe, but automakers continue to convince the U.S. that diesel vehicles aren’t noisy and dirty, which is the common notion over the past years. BMW debates that while diesel is 15 percent more costly than premium gasoline at present time, it is still 30 percent more fuel efficient. BMW executives have expressed the possible expansion of diesel technology to other vehicles and engines, although nothing was specified. We look forward to Biodiesel in particular, as it will most likely be another step in the right direction saving the planet from CO-killing!

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