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Three new BMW Crossovers heading to the U.S.

September 27th, 2009 Posted in Alternative Fuel

BMW means business in the next 18 months as they are planning to roll out new models to get a stronger hold of the market. They will be pushing for their hybrid, some crossovers, and there is a big possibility of releasing a new sports car with a mid-engine configuration. BMW confirmed the following for their official launch: ActiveHybrid 7, ActiveHybrid X6, the 5 Series GT, and the crossover compact X1.

The X1 will be marketed in the United States as a 2011 model. BMW is closely watching the price of gas which will be the primary factor that will dictate the success of the X1 as a niche vehicle against its competitions from the other premium brands.

The compact X1 will be sold in other countries as a gasoline variant and a 4-cylinder diesel version. The U.S. models will only sport a gas engine with an option for an All Wheel Drive or Rear Wheel Drive setup.

The sticker price of the compact crossover in the U.S. will be a bit higher as effect of the weakness of the U.S. dollar against the Euro. It is also attributable to the expected higher demand in European countries.

Following the aggressive releases of the BMW units, the Mini crossover and a newly designed X3 are set to follow. The new Mini creation will be released on the earlier part of 2011. The name of the car has not been revealed yet but it will definitely have the option for an AWD or a front-wheel drive. The entry level Cooper will have a starting tag price at $29,000 while the Cooper S AWD will hit around $34,000.

The new X3 will be in dealerships by the first half of 2011 as a 2012 model. The 2012 X3 will be assembled in the South Carolina plant in Spartanburg.

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