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BMW unwraps sixth gen 3 Series, brand emphasizes its vital role to keep lead in luxury segment

October 24th, 2011 Posted in 3 series, BMW

2012-bmw-3-series-brownJust recently, BMW unveiled the new 3 Series sedan after the long wait of the car loving public. The event was a success which even involved a live coverage thru social media sites like Facebook. All the noise and extravaganza was fitting for the new BMW 3 Series which accounts for 1 of every 3 vehicles that goes out of their showrooms.

The role of the BMW 3 Series in helping the luxury band keep up or overtake competitions like Mercedes-Benz and Audi is undeniable. The 3 Series has been the all time best selling model of the car manufacturer with global sales hitting 12 million units. In the United States for example, this vehicle accounts for 40% of BMW’s sales. The 3 Series is an entry-luxury kind of vehicle which if kept in tip top quality may lead potential buyers to other car models of BMW.

The redesigned 3 Series will reach U.S. consumers by February next year and it will be a perfect timing. This year, the current 3 Series has sold 66,593 units which is 44% better than the C-Class of Mercedes-Benz which is its closest rival in the market. The facelift of the BMW 3 Series comes a year earlier compared to the C-Class of Mercedes and the A4 of Audi.

Like how the BMW 3 Series models of the past, the sixth generation of this fine line of vehicles will set standards in its segment and rewrite rules as the options for personalization of the vehicles are given to the buyers.

There is nothing surprising about the new 3 Series but BMW does not have to do anything but keep its cash cow current and fresh for its loyal and potential owners. It will roll out in Modern Line, Luxury Line, and Sport Line trims and the expected M Sport Package to follow.

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