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BMW announces pricing of 2012 ActiveHybrid 5

January 16th, 2012 Posted in BMW, BMW ActiveHybrid

2012-BMW-ActiveHybrid-5-PriceDuring the North American International Auto Show in Detroit, BMW announced the official tag price of the 2012 ActiveHybrid 5. The MSRP starts at $61,845 which includes an $895 charges for handling and destination.

The ActiveHybrid 5 will be $8500 more expensive than the BMW 535i counterpart from which it was based. It is also $100 more expensive than the more potent M35h hybrid with the touring packages by Infiniti. Lexus has not yet announced its pricing for the GS450h but it might not go more than the 2011 version sold for $59,825.

BMW has never been an inexpensive brand plus you can expect several pricey options that will be offered for the ActiveHybrid 5 similar to the choices consumers have for the other sedans of the BMW 5-Series. The pricing for these options though has not been released yet but you can expect the tag prices for the ActiveHybrid 5 to go beyond $70K when they are fully loaded.

This green Bimmer can go as fast as 37 miles per hour or cruise on 22 mph for a stretch of 2.5 miles using just its pure electric drive. The manufacturer though has not given us the figures yet for the fuel economy of the car so we cannot do the math yet if it is really a a good buy as a hybrid.

If consumers will just think of saving money though, compared to other BMW 5-series units, the 528i might be a better buy. Consider the turbocharged 240 horsepower engine plus a sticker price which is lower by $14K than the ActiveHybrid, and a fuel mileage of 34 mpg on the highway and 23 mpg during city driving.

We are pretty sure though that there will be green car lovers that will be taking the ActiveHybrid 5 with all their hearts (and bank account) this Spring when it hits showrooms. It will roll out around the same time the GS450h of Lexus will go on sale. And expect the competition to be more exciting as the A6 hybrid of Audi and the E400 hybrid of Mercedes-Benz enter the picture before the end of 2012. It might get pretty crowded in this segment.

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