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BMW shuts door on building a rival of the Audi R8

January 2nd, 2012 Posted in BMW

BMW has been stepping forward and back since they released the concept car M1 Hommage thinking of launching a supercar which can meet head on the R8 of Audi.

It has been quite frustrating for BMW aficionados not knowing if they will really do it or not and everyone has been waiting for a concrete answer from the German car manufacturer. It seems now we know.

During a recent interview with the press, the M-Division production manager of BMW in North America finally gives us the answer. BMW will not be building an Audi R8 rival. Sad but true.

According to the BMW executive, the management discussed all the possibilities but they felt that there is no need for a high-end and exclusive supercar. The brand wants to stick to their idea of a supercar and BMW believes they come as their executive cars with great supercar performance which is the essence of their M-Cars.

BMW also believes that the current M3 can compete with the Audi R8 even though it lacks the looks of a supercar. BMW is confident that the powerplant of the M3 can match the V8 of the Audi R8 and even its acceleration, braking, and lateral G’s.

We might not be able to disagree with that but there is really nothing supercar like with how the BMW M3 looks. There is a big difference with how the car feels like a supercar and how a supercar should swoon you off your feet for its looks.

How about waiting for 2014 for that BMW i8?

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