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The Importance of Motorcycle Breakdown Coverage

July 26th, 2012 Posted in BMW, Motorcycle

bmw-cockpitIf you ride a motorcycle you need to be prepared in case it breaks down. When this happens you are going to want to have access to road side assistance to come and help you. In order to get assistance you are going to need a motorcycle breakdown policy. Fortunately these are fairly easy to get.

The main reason that you need to have motorcycle breakdown coverage is that sometimes motorcycles do breakdown. When this happens you may find that you are in a difficult spot as motorcycles rarely breakdown in convenient locations. Most likely you will experience the breakdown on the side of a road that few people travel, probably at night, things just seem to work this way. When it does happen you are going to want to make sure that there is assistance available if you need it.

The main purpose of motorcycle breakdown cover is that if your bike breaks down somebody will come out and help you to get it to a repair shop. This means that they will either send a tow truck or a mechanic will come out and make basic repairs. If you have just a basic policy they will simply get you to the nearest repair shop, you will have to deal with the shop from there. A more comprehensive policy is one that provides national coverage, basically that means that they will tow your bike anywhere you want it to go within the country. This allows you to pick the repair shop that you will be dealing with or else to have the bike towed to your house.

There are times when motorcycle breakdown cover will protect you even if you are not on the road. Some policies will include home repairs. This means that if you get on your bike to go for a ride and you can’t get it started you can call and have a mechanic come to your house and get your bike started. Obviously this type of service is going to cost more but it can be worth it if you are not the most mechanically inclined person in the world.

When you are buying motorcycle breakdown coverage you will need to decide if you want a policy that covers your bike or you. If you get a policy that covers the bike you will get roadside assistance no matter who is riding the bike. On the other hand if you have a personal policy you will be covered no matter which bike you are riding. Clearly you will need to decide how likely it is that somebody else will be riding your motorcycle and how likely it is that you will be riding different bikes when you are choosing a policy type. That being said a personal policy will cost substantially more.

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