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BMW Flashback: Looking back at the “The Hire” short films

October 11th, 2012 Posted in BMW

Back in 2001, German car manufacturer BMW had a very successful campaign they tagged as “The Hire”. This was a series of short films roughly about eight minutes long on average.

These short films were directed by John Frankeheimer, who already passed away, and the famed movie creator Ang Lee. The story revolves around the life of a driver who was tapped by different persons in each of the short film to bring or deliver important passengers in certain destinations using BMW cars.

The films maybe more than a decade old, but it is always nice to look back if you are a true blooded bimmer. And the entertainment factor of these movies have never faded a bit.

We have our own favorite but we would like to hear which is your best pick?

If you got some time to burn, be a bimmer this hour and watch all of the films. We have added all of the eight movies in the series for your pleasure. Check them out and comment below.

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