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V-12 engine’s future for the BMW 7-Series not certain for next gen flagship

December 6th, 2012 Posted in 7 Series, BMW

The BMW 7-Series has bee sporting a powerful V-12 in the last 25 years but its future under the hood of the flagship vehicle is no longer certain.

During a recent interview a BMW executive in Australia said that there is no guarantee that the next generation of 7-Series, set to roll out in 2016, will still carry the traditional V12 powerplant. The V12 tradition was started back in 1987. The bosses have not decided yet whether to keep or not the V12 engine. The planning for the next vehicle involves planning for the new generation’s emissions and other automotive technologies that should be introduced to the market.

2013-BMW-760LiThe V12 version represents 1 out of 6 sales of the top of the line car of the series. This spot is currently delegated to the 760Li. In Australia, for example, more consumers are opting for the more fuel efficient models like the 750i or the 750Li. They are less powerful, a lot cheaper, and more eco-friendly.

The 6.0L found under the hood of the 760Li generates 400kW and a torque of 750Nm and brings that car to 0 to 62 mph in just 4.6 seconds. Its twin-turbo V8 sibling powering the 750i is 70kW and 100Nm less in terms of numbers but is not far behind at 4.8 seconds during the sprint.

The bigger V12 has a lot of efficiency issues and chugs a good amount of fuel. It consumes 12.9 liters for every 100 km.

The BMW 760Li is priced at $391,500. This makes it $93,700 more expensive than its 750Li cousin and about $110,400 more expensive than the 750i.

For purists, the V12 setup makes the flagship a very prestigious ride and surely there is still a customer base that would love to spend just to continue the heritage.

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