Congratulations for the born of “SLMC SEASON STAR”

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Congratulations for the born of “SLMC SEASON STAR”
日期:2021-4-15 14:58:48

Through the recommendation of workshops, departments, and reviewed by the company communist party charger, "the star of the first season" was released, who they are? Let’s thumb up for them and congratulations!

Chief Engineer of Technology Department---Jiang Zhenxiong

Main Achievements: In the first season of 2021, he actively took on heavy responsibilities without any complaints. Since February, as the leader of the technical design project of JianCai 1760/500 thermal paper coating machine, he has passionately communicated and coordinated various aspects of work, and the project design work has been steadily and effectively promoted.In March, he also took over Ping An exporting project--3750/350 board coating machine, which is the second complete production line for India customer and acted as the responsible person of the technical design project. Through overtime work and reasonable arrangement, the design work of the two projects was timely sent out the corresponding draw

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