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Through the implementation of special Treasury bonds, SLMC has introduced 6000/1000 soft calender and control crown roll manufacturing technology from Finland Metso company. We have got the mature technical drawings, control software, technical requirements and inspection standards. We also sent our technology and electrical control personnel to Finland Metso group to accept the training for technological principle of the system, electrical control, machinery manufacturing, casting technology. On this basis, we developed out of the super soft calender. SLMC has mastered these technologies: the thermo roll manufacturing, crown controlled roll, hydraulic system and hot oil control system. SLMC has provide more than 40 sets of calender. Such as, Shandong Honghe 3950/500 newsprint double nips soft calender, Zhejiang Minfeng 3425/450 specialty paper single nip soft calender, Sinar Mas Group App TJIWI KIMIA PM12 3450/650 single nip hard calender, Henan Shangqiu Xinrong 2400/350 poker paper single nip partition controllable hard calender and double nips partition controllable soft calender.

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