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This equipment is the key equipment for the sizing of paper, board and lightweight coating. SLMC research and develop this mechanical and electrical integration high-tech products firstly in China . The working principle: The coating amount is pre-metered on the applicator roll, and then the applicator roll press film and transfer to web. It can accurately adjust the applicator roll surface film thickness, uniformity, line pressure. It also can reduce the moisture load and heat consumption. To improve the paper quality, makes the paper quality to reach to the high standard. The product design has two types: one is Warp - Sizer roll film transfer , the other is Rod – Sizer. In Zhejiang Yongtai Paper, Shandong Chenming Paper, Yue Paper Group Yuanjiang Paper and so on, we have provide more than 50 domestic and international papermaking enterprises successfully. In 2007, SLMC won the bid in the competition with foreign companies for Indonesia APP group Serang factory manufacture 4550/700 sizer project.  Shandong Quanlin paper 6100 /1200 film transfer sizing machine is succeed trailed in 2015. This machine refresh the record of web and speed in domestic film transfer device.

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